ALADIN-night light, steem colours display sound harp

ALADIN-night light, steem colours display sound harp


Author of design idea: Denisa Ďurica

-cold steam (humidifier)
-multi-LEDs lighting (lamp)
-harp build in (sound teacher)
-help to the childs better breathe (also for asthmatics) and to have a fun
-teach hear differnt sounds by the colour light strings (in other mode LEDs lights in accordance with a note)
-provide for projection of own photos-slides or short film stories for children (to have fun)
-night lamp-every night different light (changes the colours in every point)
-all modify with handcaress
-atmospheric expression from fresh air
-breathe in with pleasure
-The size is various, from little models cca 48/30/16 cm (for the classical use in the bedroom-like any others humidifiers), through biggers 96/60/32 cm (for film projection or like an atractiv decoration on the receptions for example) up to the bigest models (in place the wall, when I want to have a big expession from the light steam show)

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